Is Your Lifestyle Story-worthy?

If it’s true that personal storytelling is one of the most important parts of flirting, then it’s also true that your life should naturally generate the kind of stories that are worth telling and that are interesting to women.  This is easier than you might think.

You don’t need to go skydiving or star in a movie to have a worthwhile story to tell.  Instead, here are some lifestyle practices that will easily and inexpensively generate interesting stories you can tell later while flirting:

  • Commit to doing one thing each week that’s story-worthy.  It can be small or large, but if you do one story-worthy thing a week you’ll find that you quickly have a personal story for just about any occasion. Remember, though:  it shouldn’t be something that you’d brag about.  Women see bragging as an insecure man trying to impress them.
  • Find three go-to sources of local things to do.  There are entire websites and mobile applications that list everything going on in your city that week.  Find the ones you like best and rely on them to find activities.  They do all the work for you. If you’re in a remote part of your country, your local paper/magazine usually will have ideas.
  • Find pleasures you can later share with a date.  Pick something you love that women find pleasurable (but also is cheap):  good coffee, tea, hot chocolate, wine, a place to watch a sunset, a spot to sit in a park.  Go on a mission to find your favorite one near you.  This creates two wins:  you get to tell the story of your personal crusade for the best cup of hot chocolate and you find places to take dates in the future.
  • If you hear about something unusual, go do it.  My friend Alessandro recently heard about a play being produced in a cab.  There are only three audience members, all sitting in the backseat.  It’s so unusual, he bought tickets. Now he has an interesting story.
  • Travel.  Find interesting things in other places. It doesn’t need to be expensive or far away.  “Last weekend I took a train to another city just to see a single painting…
  • Find random activities to try for the first time.  If you’re embarrassingly bad at it, the story is even better.  “I’ve decided to try something new every 30 days.  Last month I took my first singing lesson.  Let me tell how just how poorly this went…”
  • Read link aggregators.  Websites and apps like Reddit, Metafilter, Upworthy, and StumbleUpon all aggregate links and stories that other people already find interesting.  Reading these can give you plenty of ideas and fodder to discuss.
  • Alternate between going to events alone and with a date.  This is very important. When you go alone, you can practice your flirting and meet new women. This also helps you discover new places to bring future dates.

These tips will open up all kinds of new doors in your life, introduce you to new women, give you situations to practice your flirting, and guarantee that you have plenty of material from which to build personal stories.